Sunday, August 9, 2009

THE DESCENDANT a novel by Masheri Chappelle

The Descendant

Masheri Chappelle

The Descendant is book one of a trilogy of novels that chronicle the life of Penny, a present day intuitive and healer, whose life journey is to break a cycle of abuse that has plagued generations of women of her family. Much of the book one is told from the perspective of her unborn soul as Penny watches over three generations of women who will become her ancestors once she is born. Bound by her spiritual ethics and faith she can only pray and watch in her ancestors’ midst as they struggle in their search for love and independence. However once she is born, the very women she watched over and prayed for, will, out of jealousy, seek to dominate and control her.

A battle for truth begins that jeopardizes Penny’s ability to achieve the gift of freedom and independence she was born to deliver.
Review of Colleen Couvillon Gough

The Descendant is a saga based on true events based on the experience of the Author. With her unique and intricate narrative style, you will find that Chappelle has constructed an interesting and engaging story, one that you may find you relate to on several levels.

Though you have to keep your mind alert with the many characters story in this book, it is truly awesome the way the author ties them all together. To read a story where one sees into their future before you are even born is a different twist from any story I have read.

I found this book to be SPELL BOUNDING, ALMOST HISTORIC, and kept you wanting more. I found this story had a magic to it.

Colleen Couvillon Gough
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